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What our members say:

"How different and boring would my life have been without the BWN! I moved to Barcelona in 2000, which changed my life completely. Coming here I realized that nobody spoke english and in those days I did not speak spanish. All of a sudden I found myself isolated at home for the first time in my life. My husband constantly travelling, my kids little and no job to meet new people. Over my good friend I got in touch with the BWN and my life changed. I met women from all over the world, I started to make friendships and invited other women to participate. As I started my own business from working at home in those days I had besides the kids and work enough time to organize excursions and events myself, participating in the wellcome commitee and inviting new members (also spanish ladies) to join the group."

- Petra

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Upcoming Events

Thu, 17.09.15 | 11:00 - 13:00

Coffee Morning


IEN (Institut d'Estudies Nord-americans), Via Augusta 123, Atico (FGC Sant Gervasi)


This monthly meeting gives members and prospective members a chance to gather, get info on forthcoming events, and learn more about the BWN.

The meeting includes a social hour from 11 AM to Noon and the “business” hour from noon to 13:00. Coffee, soft drinks and snacks are available during the social hour.

We always have designated greeters on hand to help newcomers immediately feel welcome.

Coffee mornings are followed by the Cheap & Cheerful lunch which is held at a nearby restaurant offering an inexpensive “menu del dia”.



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